How to interpret PRTG findings. Bad router or?

I am trying to solve a multi faceted problem. I have an alarm system that provides two remote panels along with the main
panel. The remotes communicate with the main panel via wifi. The system is about one month old and is new equipment.
The remote panels will both give the same indication at the same time: "No wifi signal available". They might come  back
online in a few minutes or they might be dead for 2 days. On the other hand, they might work fine for several days
and just fail. The company replaced both remote panels with new ones. The replacements act the same way. They went into
great detail on onfiguring my Linksys WAR1900AC router. Nothing seems to help. Then, I notice that one of my workstation
laptops that are using wifi began giving me a similar wifi signal. Each time when I see this error I use my
Android phone to check the wifi signal strength. It always shows very strong signal on channel 11.

In an effort to track down any possible error I signed up with a monitoring service named PRIG. It seems to be quite comprehensive
in reporting. I have received many automated emails indicating problems. I have NO knowledge on how to interpret
these reports. Can any expert look at these reports and tell me if they indicate a strong possibility that the router is defective?
I have a new Linksys 9500 $335. router on the way in case my present on proves defective.

There is a lot more information I could provide if I know what the Experts might like to see.  Just ask.
Trouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTGTrouble report from PRTG
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Honestly, it doesn't make sense to use a tool which reports you do not have the slightest clue about - unless told to do so by an Expert, of course.
The screenshots (which I have changed using the "embed" feature for attatchments, to display them inline instead) show different "issues". Some tell that a host name has been found, but the corresponding IP address does not respond to a PING. Others tell that the SSL config is not secure. Both are nothing severe inside of your LAN.

The "issues" shown are not related to your WiFi issue. You need a monitoring tool for WiFi, to watch signal strength and other interferring senders over time; and monitoring of the connection to a reliable ping target using WiFi.
Your router should provide some logging, too, around the time of your issue.
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
I cannot seem to win here. If I post a question and am brief and concise I am told that I have not provided enough information and to explain further. On this question I tried to be complete and to provide information that PERHAPS an expert would find valuable in solving this issue. I plainly indicated that I had no knowledge relating to how to interpret the results. The reason I am here is because the experts are here that have the knowledge that I do not have.

You suggest a wifi monitoring tool but did not suggest one that YOU think would be of benefit. Obviously I did not choose the right program the first time. If you can suggest one that will work with Windows 10 I would be happy to install and run it. And, as mentioned, I am completely willing to follow suggestions  if they are specific enough for me to implement.  I am just trying to get from point A to point B.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
What is the exact error from your laptop? Looks like this is the best way to troubleshoot the problem.

2 possible causes:
1. defective router that turns off WiFi (or rejects WiFi connections)
2. some appliance that interferes in the same channel.

Multi-function routers are difficult to troubleshoot. If you can, use a router and an access point.

I use Mikrotik Hex Poe plus Ubiquity Unify APs. They're one step above consumer equipment. Never had issues.


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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
I know it is difficult to make any progress if you have no clue how. Everything but PRTG was fine, that was just unnecessary.  Nothing bad, just a waste of time.
I'll post back with a recommendation.
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Hi,,,,, I already do use a switch. I have not changed my configuration in over a year. My router is a Linksys 1900AC. My switch is a Ubiquiti "Tough Switch Pro".  My laptop has not exhibited the error since I posted this question.

I would like to ask if the screen shots I posted were helpful in determining your findings OR just my description of the problem. I just ordered a Linksys router. I think the model number is EA8500. It is a MONSTER large router with 9 antennas.
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Only your description. The screen shots are not relevant.

If you already have an Ubiquity switch, why don't you use Ubiquity access points? Using equipment from the same vendor should prove more stable.
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
I DO have a Ubiquity "high power" access point. I have had it for a couple years, however the problems were major. I don't remember exactly what the troubles were, but Ubiquity and my ISP could not make some important things work after days of troubleshooting. I just gave up on it. I do remember that it was a nightmare trying to get the two technicians together at one time.

I just spoke to the head technician for the alarm hardware company. We are going to wait until the new router comes on Tuesday or Wednesday and then begin another troubleshooting session. I will post again after I have completed that phone session. Thanks for taking the time to assist me.
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Experts, the problem seems to be solved by the brute force, shotgun method. I bought a new $350. Linksys router and verified that NO port is blocked by my isp since I pay for a static IP. The alarm company sent me another new main alarm panel also. With all of these items configured at the same time, all seems to be working fine. Fingers crossed here. Thanks for your dedication and persistence.
Need -a- ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!
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