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Symantec backup exec2014 restore

Dear Experts,
I have an old tape to restore the data from. It is showing 512 GB when I select the slot where the tape is kept but when I try to do the restore it shows blank in the restore folder tree as if there is no data inside the tape. I tried to do the inventory and catalog the tape before restore but same problem.Few days ago when the c drive was full, I selected the option to keep catalog for two months only. Is this creating the problem. Any suggestion will be great help for me.
Thanks and Regards.
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Davis McCarn
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Is it the same tape drive the backup was made on and how old is the backup?
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Hello Davis,
Yes, everything is same including Tape, Library, server and software. Backup belong to 3/26/2015.
And you tried that Inventory and Catalog Now button at the top?
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Hypercat (Deb)
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Hi Hypercat,
Exactly did what you mentioned and you saved my lot of time googling around. Thanks for your prompt response.
Thanks to Experts Exchange.