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local DNS server times out on MX record for A single domain

I had this question after viewing DNS MX record query  problem.

have a problem resolving mx record for madronafoods.com on my dc.
 nslookup return
Name:    madronafoods.com

while when try mx record
set  type=mx
DNS request timed out. for madronafoods.com
    timeout was 2 seconds.

I can't change my primary DNS as it has to be my DC
when I try nslookup on another ISP  I am getting correct mx record
Non-authoritative answer:
madronafoods.com      mail exchanger = 0 madronafoods-com.mail.protection.outlook.com.

this problem Is only with a single domain. and my email server can't send and email without resolving mx.
what can cause such problem
1 Solution
I'm assuming madronafoods.com isn't related to your internal AD domain in any way.

Are you using forwarders or root hints for external name resolution? You don't have a forward lookup zone or conditional forwarder for madronafoods.com on your DC, do you?
Manuel FloresCommented:
what is you internal domain name?... I assume that is not madronafoods.com.  You shouldn't have any problem on resolve external domains.  Just configure correct forwaders.
MAS EE MVETechnical Department HeadCommented:
I can see it is resolving to "madronafoods-com.mail.protection.outlook.com"

Seems like your internal DNS server not resolving it. I hope your internal domain name is not "madronafoods.com
If you have a conditional forwarder for this domain  please check this

Please configure DNS forwader IP (screenshot attached) to you local ISP IP and please clear your DNS server cache as well.
Run "ipconfig /flushdns" from an elevated command prompt.
leop1212Author Commented:
My forwards configured correctly. Forward will only work when primary DNS can't resolve domain.
in My  case my primary DNS has no problem resolving domain madronafoods.com
only timing out on mx record. madronafoods.com has nothing to do with my domain.
MAS mentioned conditinal forward and that did the trick.
I just added conditional forward for domain madronafoods.com to at it did the trick
thank you

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