Need advice on learning Javascript

I want to learn Javascript and require advise on how to do it. I am not into programming and any help related to what languages i should learn would be great.
Kailash KapalIdM Project Lead (India Ops)Asked:
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PawełConnect With a Mentor SharePoint DeveloperCommented:
i would start here

then try this

after try

and finally just pick and choose from this catalog!q=javascript&index=2&lang=1033

once you have a good feeling i would pick up a book or two and work through it

javascript is a great starting place, because you'll see almost instant progress, you're first day you'll get some pretty cool stuff working so you'll feel motivated to keep going, you will need something to help you program if you want something lite try if you have a more powerful machine try and don't be afraid to ask questions especially on this forum, people will be happy to help or explain things.

cheers and happy coding.
Prakash SamariyaIT ProfessionalCommented:
To learn Web Technologies like HTML, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. below link is the best tutorial site for beginners. 

Olaf DoschkeConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
What's really the question now? What language to learn or how to learn Javascript? To state the obvious Javascript is a programming language. So you already stated what language you need to learn. For whatever reason.

If you have certain goals, then other languages might be better suited, but how should we consider, when not knowing which goals? Best programming language choice for what reason? In which language you can make a career? In what language you best can develop what type of software? That would just be 2 questions before recommending anything.

What goes hand in hand with Javascript is a browser, that's where Javascript runs clientside. Server side javascript also is available, after installing node.js, but that's not the first steps you should take in learning Javascript, you learn Javascript client side - on your own PC/laptop only.

As JS runs in a browser it is strongly connected to HTML and CSS and you can't learn JS without also learning them. For a very beginner codecademy has a nice tutorial only teaching the very basics:

When you're done with that you know if it's for you or not and then you can look further. This will start with very tiny baby steps, it might be annoying, but surely it isn't over the top, even when you didn't do any programming whatsoever before.

Bye, Olaf.
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Mukesh YadavFull Stack DeveloperCommented:
I would recommend you to learn from Mozilla Developers Network here is the link: JavaScript MDN
Michael VasilevskySolutions ArchitectCommented:
Free Code Camp is another great free resource for beginners:
Kailash KapalIdM Project Lead (India Ops)Author Commented:
Thanks for the help !!
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