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How to fix "X.509 Certificate Subject CN Does Not Match the Entity"

How do we fix the above ?

In one site VA scan identified this
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You will have this when the certificate common name does not match the name of the domain for host, or does not contain a matching subject alternate name (SAN). For example you have a server called server1 in the domain yourdomain.com. The URL is https://server1.yourdomain.com. You find this name is not very friendly so you create a DNS record pointing to server1.yourdomain.com called myapp.yourdomain.com. The user goes to https://myapp.yourdomain.com. The browser will throw an error saying that the certificate is not trusted because the URL does not match the certificate name.

To fix this you would need to issue a new certificate with the new name or add a subject alternate name to the certificate for myapps.yourdomain.com.
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.

So I have to obtain a new cert (if it is not self-signed cert) from the CA
for myapps.yourdomain.com ?

If this is left alone as such, is it considered a security vulnerability/risk?
No it is not a security risk as such just bad practice. Your browser for example would suggest that your connection may not be secure because it could be a possible MiTM attack. But, as long as you recognise the cert as the one you installed you can ignore the warning. If it were a customer facing site you would want to fix it, otherwise that's just embarrassing. If its something internal...depends how much you care. Issuing a new certificate should be a fairly straight forward procedure and take a couple of minutes. Me personally I would prefer to fix it because I like to cross my t's and dot my i's and installing a new cert is a trivial task.
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