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Say, I've tried pasting the attached in word 2013 and experienced an issue where the right margin is cropped and the document spans much more than 2 pages. Please can you assist with how to achieve this.
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You could try to:
1) Insert this as a spreadsheet document into word
Insert --> Table --> Excel Spreadsheet, then copy paste your excel file in word and manipulate directly in word

2) Save as PDF (if to be used as a paper form - see attachment)

3) Clip an image of the application and paste onto Word (if to be used in paper format and not electronically)

In any case you have many rows and I do not think it would fit in 1 page, unless you made smaller fonts, which may not be readable...2 page form printed front and back would look good
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
The size of your table is too big for a standard letter sized page (or A4 page)

In fact, it requires 2 pages...
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
I need this as a 2 page form but editable in word. Excel is not as user friendly to edit this form.

How can I achieve this?

PS I've tried this but have same issue as described in question:
1) Insert this as a spreadsheet document into word
Insert --> Table --> Excel Spreadsheet, then copy paste your excel file in word and manipulate directly in word
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I don't think it is possible without changing the size of the table since it is 9" wide.

Here is the table in docx format, A4 size, landscape orientation (on 4 pages).
Take a look at the attached doc
2 pages, Portrait
Hope this is close to what you want :)
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
amazing xtermie
How did you achieve this - in broad terms...

PS Is there any way to get the formula to work towards the very bottom of the 2nd page?
Glad it looks like what you want :)
FYI, I did it manually as I initially had inserted your spreadsheet as and Excel spreadsheets in Word (as per my suggestion), then manipulated in the spreadsheet, copied it as a Word table and changed size to Arial 9, which made the rows a bit narrower and it fitted in two pages

Sorry I do not understand what you mean when you write Is there any way to get the formula to work towards the very bottom of the 2nd page?
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
Tx. If you look in the excel sheet page two there are prices and a formula to calculate the subtotal. Its the subtotal formula that needs to work...
Let me try to get table functions in Word to do that and get back to you
check the attached file
Just note that you need to add a value in all columns you want added, even if that is a zero (0)
let us know if that works for you :)
If there are any more calculated fields let me know (didn't spot any other ones though)
shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
tx - is it possible to make the formula update automatically?
Word fields usually do not update automatically, as Word updates them on opening the document.
If you want to update them manually all you have to do is right click on the field and select Update field or select everything on the document and press F9.  Another option would be to add an onOpen and onClose macro to do this or have a macro that will update your fields when you use it (we can assign a button to it on the quick access toolbar or the ribbon for example).  In the attached document copy paste the following macro, save as docm and then the macro that can be assigned to a button (on the quick access toolbar I'd propose).
The macro is as follows:
Sub UpdMyCalcFields()
End Sub

Open in new window

To add a button that will do this to the quick access toolbar:
1) Right click the quick access toolbar and select More Commands...
2) In the Choose commands from drop down list, select Macros
3) In the macros list, select the UpdMyCalcFields() macro
4) Click Add
5) Click Modify and give it a symbol and a meaningful display name
6) Click OK to exit the modification of the button
7) Click OK to exit the Options window

Please note that since this is a form specific macro and is from your document the button wont work on any other document.

I've also enabled the option to update fields before printing in the attached document.
1) File, Options
2) Display, Printing Options
3) Check Update fields before printing

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shaunwinginAuthor Commented:
Tx for the most helpful replies.
No prob...glad we could help :)
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