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How well built are Dell Mobile Workstations versus other laptops?

My client is looking for a 15" laptop that's reasonably light.  He's looking at this Inspiron 15 5568 at $899 http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-15-5568-2-in-1-laptop/pd?oc=dncwsb0010b&model_id=inspiron-15-5568-2-in-1-laptop  SSD is a necessity.  Would like touchscreen but not sure it's a game breaker.

I like Dell Latitudes.  I get them off of the Dell Small Business Outlet when they run sales.  I've never bought a Dell Mobile Workstation for a customer but I'm tempted by the M3800 I see on the site.  Big problem for me though is that it only comes with a one year warranty.  The Dell 6540 comes with a three year warranty.  (both laptops are being phased out by Dell).  I'll always get a business laptop before a consumer laptop.  What's  your opinion of the new Inspirons and how do they compare in terms of value and build quality to Latitudes, Precision Workstations? How about comparable laptops from other companies?  
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