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syntax error on ASP ?

I have two session variables and I want to display region A if the value of both is the same
And if the value of both is differnent then display region B

Somehow I am getting an error, I checked the value for both and both sessions have value =  31809

I get an error on the first line of the code below:

<% If Session("QnrUserId") = Session("Qnrmainuserid") Then %>
<% End If ' %>
<% If Session("QnrUserId") <> Session("Qnrmainuserid") Then %>
<% End If ' %>

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I am not sure what the problem is with the syntax if any. I get the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'

Type mismatch

/bluedot/questionnaire/qnr_08.asp, line 190 

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line 190 is the first line on the code above.
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