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SonicWALL - Static Route a VLAN


I am struggeling with routing specific WAN/LAN IP's on a specific VLAN Interface, through a VPN connection instead of routing through the default gateway.

Lets say the customers VLAN IP is and the default customer gw is They have a VPN box on this network that has a site to site connection to another location, with the IP:

I need to route some specific IP's through this VPN box,, and not the default gateway,

The rules is as follows:

Source: VLAN56 Subnet (
Destination: Address Object Group (, etc)
Service: Any
Gateway: VPN Box -
Interface: VLAN56 Interface (the customer VLAN interface)

Because I have not been able to solve this, I've used a temp quick fix on windows level. By using a bat file, like this:

route ADD MASK

This works for now, but I'd rather manage this route with our FW.

Note: I have only tested this SonicWALL route on a virtual machine, and no physical machines, if that matters.

Edit: I should add that this is my first time trying to add a Static route in SonicWALL. I have used the information I could find online on how to do this, and there might be some basic config mistakes/errors. :-)
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