Replies in Outlook, Two Mailboxes

I have two mailboxes set up in Outlook.  Mine and a shared one.

When I reply from the shared mailbox , the e-mails go in my Sent items instead of the shared one.

Can I change this so the replies show up in the shared e-mail Sent items ...

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Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
If you're using Outlook 2010/2013/2016, remove this shared mailbox from "Additional Mailboxes" for your primary account and add it as a separate Exchange account (not as additional mailbox for a primary account).
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
You have to set the flag in the registry for DelegateSentItemsStyle

ref link:
Make sure you ave the "Sent From" option enabled then just choose the correct account from the drop down in the from box when sending from each account?
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In most environments,  DelegateSentItemsStyle has quite a few side effects (messages stuck in Outbox remains). Sadly I always resort to some VBA programming for this kinds of issues.
Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
You don't need DelegateSentItemsStyle if you have the shared mailbox added as an Exchange Account (not as additional mailbox).
FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
If he is replying from the sharedmailbox and the reply is not going in to the sent items of the sharedmailbox he does in fact need that flag set on the workstation in question.
Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
... Only if shared mailbox added as additional mailbox for the primary Exchange account. In this case, you can just remove it from there and add as an account, not as additional mailbox. This will work much more smoothly.
We also faced this issue lot of times in our client environment.The main reason for this is Auto-mapping.
If Auto-mapping is enabled for your requested shared mailbox then you will definitely face this issue again.
Sometimes you can overcome this issue by using SentItemsDelegate key in registry or by manually configuring the shared mailbox in your outlook as a different account (not as additional mailbox).
But the best practice is -  Disable the Auto-Mapping for your requested shared mailbox.
We have to follow the below process:
1. First remove the access of shared mailbox for user.After this user will not be able to see shared mailbox in his/her Outlook.
2. Then disable the Auto-mapping for shared mailbox and provide access to user for the same.
You can follow the steps mentioned in the below Link: 
3. After this process configure the shared mailbox manually in user outlook as a different account in the same profile.

By following above process your reported issue will get solve permanently.

Please let me know if this helps.

if the outlook version is 2013/2016 then I know that definitely changing the DelegateSentItemsStyle flag bin the registry will fix this quickly.

disabling auto-mapping and adding mailboxes as separate accounts...seems like a lot of hassle in comparison, what about the permissions of the shared mailbox , wouldn't they be easier to admin if permissions are granted server side?

I'd just change the registry key as a .reg file and add it to any machines that need it with a double click
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Thanks -
mvalencia2003Author Commented:
Sorry for not responding..

I change the setting in Web Outlook to add sent items in from mailbox not senders...

This worked...

Thanks - - -
Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
The question is answered.
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