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Internet Explorer removed from Windows 10

We have a bank scanner that only works with IE. Somehow it has either become corrupted or removed from the system. When I go to turn on/off  windows features, it has the box for IE checked. I have removed it, rebooted and added the check again. Still nothing. I ran SFC and disk check as well.  The download pages on Windows sites do not allow me to download it to windows 10.  Is there another place to download it from or fix it?
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any local or domain group policy applied on the computer having this issue?
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Many times it happens that the component store of the Operating System becomes corrupted. This is the store that controls all the OS components.

You can follow the procedure on this link to repair it:
Did you recently upgrade to 10?   After upgrading i discovered that IE gets set aside and Edge becomes default.   IE was even removed from the Start Menu, but still existed in Program Files.    I simply repinned it to the Start Menu and set it as the default.   After this the Win 10 system was running IE just like before the upgrade.
Tailoreddigital is correct.  After upgrading to Win10 IE is still there, try this
start>run, type in    iexplore  when you see it right-click and pin to taskbar so you have a shortcut for it there.
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I know that it is hidden and they put Edge there, but it used to come up if I typed in Internet explorer in the search bar and now it does not. I also used to have it pinned to the task bar and now it is gone.
Microsoft really really wants people using Edge.    They shape our GUI so that we'll use Windows the way they want us to use Windows.      I shape Windows the way i want to use Windows.    It's funny because for years i've adjusted Windows to the way i think is more efficient and years later i find some of these GUI adjustments in the newer version of Windows.

"it used to come up if I typed in Internet explorer in the search bar and now it does not" - is that all you did to find it? Then please look in the c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer folder.
Edge just will not work with the Chase bank check scanner. neither will Chrome.
I have similar issues with a client of mine.   They Run Win 10, but have to use IE.   I made the adjustments above and all is well with them (x80 computers).
I use IE on all Windows 10 machines. Edge can be disabled and no need to use it.
which adjustment? The pinning? It is not being found anymore.