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Wireless not connection Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows10 from 7.  Now I can not connect to my router.  It say "can not connect to network"  Password is correct.
Other Win 10 machine can connect.  I've updated drivers, reinstalled.  No avail.
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Try dismissing the WiFi connection and creating it again.
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Yep tried that too..
Maybe it was any VPN client installed on the PC?... this may cause a badly upgrade.
Microsoft has explained it: “This issue may occur if older VPN software is installed on Windows 8.1 and is present during the upgrade to Windows 10. Older software versions contain a Filter Driver (the Deterministic Network Enhancer) which is not properly upgraded, leading to the issue.”

Anyway, the driver update seems to be the suggested solution.  What is the exact model of the wireless card?
I'll check.  Hold please.
intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260
I suppose you did it, how ever this is the location for download the drivers;

Further step in case it doesn't work; Using the device manager, delete the hardware so it is detected again if possible even restarting the machine.  Always use the manufacturer driver;

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I would uninstall the card (not disable - uninstall). Shut down, start up and install the newest driver.

I have an Intel N6205 and that works fine in Windows 10. Intel does have Windows 10 drivers for that card.
I've seen something very similar with Lenovo laptops, don't exactly remember the model but they also had Intel wifi cards. Windows  10 driver simply did not work. A quick fix for me was to get the users a usb wifi adater, load the drivers not from the cd or website not letting windows 10 pnp load them for me and it worked. I proved the point with the customer that it was windows 10 update that caused the issue.  

I would suggest to remove the device, download the latest driver from intel's website and install it again.
All commercial Lenovo laptops I have / my clients have work fine.

Lenovo has drivers and Intel has drivers and they work (I use them).

Very old laptops with Intel 4965 or 3945 do not work, but the newer Intel N cards do work.

As I suggested (earlier post), uninstall the card, shut down, start up and install again with the newest driver.
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Ah  You are right.   Had the right answer as it turns out.  He should get the 500 points..   Sorry looks like I gave them to my self :(