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Using Python To Iterate Through All Website Pages And Paste Changed Content Back

I had this question after viewing What regex will remove duplicate rel="nofolow" tags?.

What has come out of the previous questions works great for an individual page and then manually pasting the updated page back to the site.  The site is blogger and the api will only allow you to change a very limited number of pages per day.   For example, if I was doing this manually open the page, copy the page, update the links, paste the page back and then save the page.  So is there  a  way to do all the pages in the site and pasting the changed content back into the blog as I just described?

By the way, I tried the Adam Lewis find and replace http://www.adamwlewis.com/articles/blogger-find-replace but since it is using the API it only does a limited number of pages per day and then it starts at the top again each time it is ran.  I have 1,000's of pages and many more links to change thus why I am hoping I can get this to iterate through the website and make the appropriate changes.

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