Virtual CD burner

Looking for a Windows 10 Virtual CD burner.  I think Daemon Tools has this capability if I buy a license, but I'm looking for open source or free.  

Clarification: I'm not looking to mount an existing image, I'm looking to create images by using software that burns CDs (i.e. I want the software to burn to a virtual CD drive instead of actually burning a CD).
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
There really isn't a difference creating an. iso in a virtual or real environment.  Virtualized environments treat .iso's identically  and allow you to mount them as if they are physical disks natively so you don't need special applications to do this. Just choose "create image"  rather than "burn".
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Let me clarify: I want the virtual CD burner software to provide a drive letter to a virtual CD drive; the virtual CD burner software needs to make it appear to other software as if there is a blank CD in the virtual drive.  I'd prefer that ISO is not the only format the virtual CD burner will create.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
OK in that case maybe have a look at Kernsoft's basic version of TotalMounter  which will emulate a cdrw/dvdrw.
Don't forget that Win10 has built-in cdrom  mounting too.
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Masq- that looks like what I want.  I'll test free version and post back, Gw.
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Hmmm... I installed, but it looks like it only allows me to create a virtual CD-RW drive that writes a .img image file, despite what the doc says...
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
I used iTunes latest version and tried to burn 2 playlists to virtual CD-RW but both failed with different error messages (below).  TotalMounter isn't looking good...
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Dismounted and created a new virtual CD-RW this time, only option was .iso?!

Same error messages when tried to burn.  Nothing in Event log...

Website only lists Windows 7 support; I'm going to assume this just doesn't work on W10.

Still looking for a solution (darn - this looked perfect according to their feature list...)
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Just had a try and when running the software & asked where the file should be stored chose the option for "all files" and created a file *.iso - so far seems to be behaving normally.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Are you trying to burn audio or data?  I'm not sure there is an audio CD format option that will do what you want. iTunes has some "interesting" standards for burning audio which are designed around DRM and I suspect this is going to get in the way of what you are trying to do with the virtual drive. Try mounting the drive and letting Windows Explorer recognize the blank CDRW has been "inserted" and use the Explorer "What do you want to do ...?" dialogue to launch iTunes, this often bypasses the 421 error on physical disks
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Audio - so TotalMounter is only for data format? (I missed that in the writeup)

>>Don't forget that Win10 has built-in cdrom  mounting too.
Not sure what you mean??
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Windows 10 doesn't need .iso mounting software it is natively installed
Not re/writeable though.

You may still be able to get around the iTunes issue but not guaranteed.  Didn't realise you were trying to burn an audio CDRW virtually or would have warned you about that earlier.

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Use a virtual drive as this one and burn using one of this software.
Look here for a guide to Audio CD.
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks viki2000 - looks like the Virtual CloneDrive is for mounting virtually, not burning virtually.  As for your other link, I'm not looking for software to burn.

pgm554 - from what I can tell, Starburn might be useful for someone who wants to develop a virtual burner (i.e. write software to do it).  I'm looking for something out of the box.
No, you do not understand.
Virtual CloneDrive is not only for mounting. You can do that, but it makes a virtual drive which for the system seems real.
Then you burn on that virtual drive as you would do it on a real one. That is the whole catch.
The YouTube guide shows how to burn audio CD with common player and a virtual drive as CloneDrive.
Is not that what you are looking for, to burn audio CD on a virtual drive?
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Hoping that you were right, I just installed Virtual CloneDrive.  It only gives option to Mount/Unmount images; I found no option to create a blank CD-RW.  

The documentations seems to support this:
  • Image files created by CloneDVD can be “inserted” into Virtual CloneDrive
  • A new menu opens where you either Mount or Unmount an Image File. In the last entry you will find the directories of previously loaded Image Files. Simply mount an Image File by double-click.

If I'm still missing something, please let me know
I tried it too. Strange, it does not work as expected. Forget about it for the moment.
What kind of output, extension do you want/expect to have your virtual audio CD?
Is it not OK .img or .iso?
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks for all your help.  Looks like Daemon Tools is the only solution I've found for windows so far (Virtual Burner / Writable Virtual Device).
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