DCPROMO issues from server 2008 R2 , transferring to server 2012 R2

i am trying to dcpromo a DC from 2008 R2 and i keep getting an error stating the operation failed because it cant connect to another DC (2012 R2 machine). i have transferred roles succesfully, ran FSMO successfully, but old DC will not demote. i turn old DC off and active directory in new DC (2012 R2 ) machine stops functioning and all my users disappear. only when i turn on old DC does active directory begin to function correctly. any advice on what to do? DNS and DHCP is working correctly on new DC.
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You should start - BEFORE even adding the DC - with running DCDIAG /C /E /V and correcting any unexplained issues.  I suspect you didn't, but that's where you should be starting.  Verifying the DNS on the DCs, running DCDIAG /C /E /V, and Running REPADMIN /SHOWREPL
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
First thing shutdown your old DC for couple of days and check for issues as there is a chance for service outage.
If everything works fine start again remove without replicating.
dcpromo /forceremoval
bhamilton3180Author Commented:
i dont have a couple of days. server must be ready to roll out by this monday. i have a 100 users waiting.
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You definitely have a couple of days - or you don't understand AD.  If you don't understand AD, you should push things back, learn it, and then do this... Otherwise, hire a pro who does understand AD and can get things working properly.
Sajid Shaik MConnect With a Mentor Sr. System AdminCommented:
check the DCDIAG tool


DCDIAG analyzes the state of domain controllers in a forest or enterprise and reports any problems to help in troubleshooting.

Preparing to install or migrate to Exchange new version
Checking FSMO roles.
Troubleshooting Group Policy.
Investigating Active Directory not replicating frssysvol error.
Running down Kerberos authentication problems.
Resetting the Directory Service Administrator’s password.
Fixing servers Service Principle Name (SPN) error.
Other DC issues
Example: dcdiag.exe /V /D /C /E > c:\dcdiag.log

all the best
bhamilton3180Author Commented:
Thanks Shaik. This is what I did


DNS and DHCP is working on the new DC. I ran into this issue like over a year and a half ago and forgot how I solved it. FSMO roles transferred over just fine. I get correct response when I query them.

DC promo failed from old server.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you want this resolved you should answer my questions.  What did you find when running DCDIAG /C /E /V on the DC that won't Demote?  Did you run REPADMIN /SHOWREPL?  You should also post screenshots of error messages.  You need this done ASAP? Then you need to work with us all!
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
Appreciate if you respond to experts comments.
MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
I believe this can be closed as there is enough information to resolve this issue
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