Can't play streaming video on

I will have a webcast within the next few weeks but when I test my system it fails the Flash Test. It supposed to show a video above the "Retry Test" button but it doesn't play anything. Their help suggests the following:

When using Windows Media Player 10 or 11 complete the following steps:
1.Open the Windows Media Player
2.Click on the Tools menu and choose Options
3.Click on the Network tab. Verify that HTTP has a check next to it.
4.Click on the Configure button under Proxy Settings area
5.You should have a window with Configure Protocol settings. Select the option labeled Use browser proxy setting.
6.Click OK

It didn't work. I also tried re-installing flash player and java. Tried it in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. Other applications such as youtube works but not this webcast test. Any ideas?
Josh AldanaAsked:
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Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
It could also be your network's firewall (if you are at work), or your network/pc security tool. One way to find out quick is to ask a colleague to do any of the aforementioned flash/port tests. If they are also blocked, then it is a network or security application issue.

Here is Adobe's KB article on firewalls and ports that Flash listens for.
Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Are you using a browser ad blocker, like Ad Block Plus?

Most on-demand or live stream webinar apps have pop-up windows, require cookies, Javascript enabled, and ad blockers disabled. Also, are you able to check what version of Flash you have installed?

Event.on.24 requires at least Flash Player Version 9.0.115+
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Josh AldanaAuthor Commented:
I tried clearing up my browser from the pop-up blocker and such but no luck. I tried testing my connection with Brighttalk ( and this is what I got.
Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
The next thing to try... is to clear your Adobe flash cache:

Windows/Mac/Chrome instructions
Josh AldanaAuthor Commented:
Yes. It is being blocked by a corporate firewall.
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