Return a rank based grid data

I am trying on returning the rank of individuals based on the sales in a specific month.  On the attached 1B - E are the ranks, with anything below 4's minimum returning a 5; column A are the months 1-12 and, B2-E13 are the minimum sales necessary for the specific rank.

I am assuming I should be using match, but I seem to be totally stumped on how to approach this.
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Martin AndrewsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This version works without need to modify your table
Martin AndrewsCommented:
This should help you get started.  Note that because of the match function if the value equals your table it will downgrade the rank (which is likely not what you want).  If you can update your table, however, by decrementing each one you'd get around that.
uadAuthor Commented:
Works perfectly.
Martin AndrewsCommented:
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