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Proofreading "Current Situation"

Currently XXX is experiencing a very slow network performances. The 8 computers are freezing in the middle of their work and run very slow.  The printers are working intermittently. The wireless router drops the signal of the connected devices causing an unreliable connection. QuickBooks runs very slow and often locks the user out or don’t allow them to print invoices properly, in the past few weeks the situation is getting worse forcing the accounting team to restart Jim’s computer several times. XXX currently store their company data on their local PCs and the QuickBooks company files on a flash drive. Some computers are infected with viruses and malware. The XXX team would also like to have the capability to share information inside and outside of the organization. XXX is using Cox as Internet Service provider and their current speed is 16Mbps. The majority of the accounts and licenses have been created/purchased as home user account instead of business user’s account, as a result there is lack of licenses organization, no possibility to add or to expand licenses and lack technical support. For every simple task is more the time spent asking for information than the actual time that it takes to fix the issue. Some computers are old and should be replaced.

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