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Rebuilding indexes and maintaining statistics

I have a client who has a maintenance plan that runs an update statistics task straight after rebuilding indexes. I have read recently that rebuilding indexes will automatically update the statistics tables, which if true, will make the task of updating statistics superfluous and unnecessary. Can you confirm that this is true ?
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PortletPaulEE Topic Advisor
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Rebuilding indexes updates index statistics, not column statistics, so the process being followed isn't  redundant.
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I can't agree with Paul. Rebuilding indexes will update statistics with FULL SCAN so by my point of view is redundant to update statistics after. Or even worse if the update statistics doesn't run with the FULL SCAN option.

Reorganizing indexes is a totally different story. After a REORG operation it's acceptable an UPDATE STATS operation.
Philip van GassDatabase Developer/Administrator


I have reviewed this topic and it looks like Vitor is right.