Can I purchase a new laptop at the manufacturer (HP, Acer, Lenovo etc.) in any country and get the laptop with my own country's keyboard?

Can I purchase a new laptop at the manufacturer (HP, Acer, Lenovo etc.) in any country and get the laptop with my own country's keyboard?
Preferably also with my own country's Windows 10 version.

I've tried before to order things from my home country, but it's getting harder and harder because most sellers don't ship abroad or not outside of Europe.
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It is difficult, as most shops will only stock the models built for that country. But you can always ask at the shop for those special wishes. Many will as a service order those special configurations. But it will take time, and you may have to pay more.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
When you shop at Lenovo, for sure, you need to shop from the country where you live. This will let you get the correct parts and be able to bill to your credit card.  I use for my needs.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
Is there any difference if I would buy a Mac? Would Apple in any country be willing to customize the Mac for me so I get it with my own country's keyboard?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
MAC will give you the same issues. I just purchase a couple of MAC computers at the Apple Store near me.

Always best to purchase in country.
With a MAC the Language of OSX should be easier, when you setup the system you can select whatever language you want, as far as I know they are all included. But with the keyboard it will be the same as with other brands. The country you are in will normally only stock keyboards that have the language layouts of the country you are in.

Something you may have more luck with though, whether it is a PC or MAC, there might be some systems around that come with the US Ascii keyboard. Many companies prefer using that "neutral" keyboard, so chances are that some PC shops will be more likely to stock such models as well.

With Windows 10, you can download and install your specific language after you have set up the PC. So once you have downloaded it you can change your language to yours. But getting to the download and changing the language in the first place can be quite difficult if the installed languages uses symbols like Chinese and you are European and don't know those symbols.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
It would help if you tell us which country, and which is your preferred manufacturer (several are listed above).  The bigger the company, the more likely they are to be multilingual.  

Your profile lists Hong Kong, and in that case, I would suggest Lenovo, as a chinese company would be most likely to supply the relevant hardware.

In terms of languages, I am assuming you mean Cantonese for the OS, and yes, this can be selected in w10

The alternative if the keyboard is not available is to use an external USB or Bluetooth one.
As far as I know, he is Swedish (or some other Scandinavian country), but currently works/lives in China. His problem is that he doesn't want a PC with Chinese keyboard setup, which is likely what you'll get in that area, maybe with some US exceptions. But PC's that have keyboards with a Swedish layout in that area would be hard to get. The other problem is that the Swedish sites of Lenovo etc will normally only deliver their localized systems to Sweden or a few other European locations, and not to China or Asia.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I don't know if this will work, but you could try getting a Lenovo machine in China with Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise as need to change the language.

Then purchase a Lenovo replacement keyboard for (say) a Swedish machine.

I have replaced keyboards but not for widely varying languages. I have changed French for English with no issue.
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I just found an excellent laptop here in Thailand where I live now, but it a Thai computer. I don't speak or write any Thai at all (Chinese I speak and write some, so that would have worked better), but for a very strong reason I really want to buy this computer. I tried this laptop in the store, and this is the first one that works for my aims (all other laptops I've tried don't work for my aims).

I asked the shop keeper already, and they can not provide any other language than Thai. In the language bar in the status field, there are Thai and English input languages to select between, so that I at least can enter Latin characters. But everything else is in Thai: the operative system, menues, Control Panel etc.

Then, I will let a person in my home country Sweden install MySQL and make special configurations for his software via TeamViewer.

So I just wonder now if I can go ahead and buy this computer (offer ends soon), and my fellow countryman in Sweden after than will be able to install MySQL and make necessary configurations and then install his software with MySQL databases? Or during the installation and configuration process, will there be any step where everything will be in Thai and he will not be able to complete the installation and/or configuration?

Secondly, will I be able to use this laptop (updates etc.) if I know zero Thai?
What OS is it using? Windows 10 allows you to add languages via "Settings", "Time & Language", "Region & Language", "Add Language". Then you can select the language(s) you want to add to your system and it will download them. Once you the language downloaded, you can make that the default language, so you can easily add English and other languages. You'll have to try getting a thai to help you with this part since you'll have to translate those first steps into your Thai version of Windows to find those settings, but once done you have your own language. Your main problem will be the thai characters on the keyboard and change them to your language. US keyboards are the most common, so ask the vendor whether he at least can get you a US English keyboard for the laptop. Or if the laptop has a touch screen, you can use the on-screen keyboard like on a tablet. Or you could stick labels with your keyboard layout onto the keys. Such stickers are even available to buy:
hermesalphaAuthor Commented:
I found the same model in my home country, but the model number is not exactly the same: here in Thailand it reads for example xxxx-xx29 whereas in my home country it reads xxxx-xx53p. What does this mean? Everything else is the same with the specifications.

The thing I'm afraid of is that if I order this model from my home country, it's still not exactly the same configurations as the one I tried in the store here in Thailand. And I got it 100 % confirmed by trying it yesterday in the store that this particular configuration works excellent for the website I will stream videos from (no other laptop has worked so well like this one). The best would even be if I could buy exactly the laptop I tried in the store, even if it's been out there on display in the store for other persons to try it. Because I know it works excellent for my purposes.
The difference is probably just that it is specially setup for your home country.

I doubt very much that your streaming site will work any different with any modern laptop. Streaming is dependent on the internet connection, and if the shop you tried it at happens to have a very good connection most modern laptops will work fine there. In order to get a good idea of that you would have to run the tests in your home or at the location where you are going to use it most. If your internet connection isn't good, you will still get the same pauses with any laptop, even the most powerful.
Any feedback, hermesalpha?
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