Best mail client for iOS

Hi Guys & Girls,

What does everyone regards as being the best email clients for iOS please? I'm currently using Outlook and the provided iOS client.
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MdlinnettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've heard good things about both Polymail and the mail app.
Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Depends what you want from a Mail app .. ??
Clean and simple?
Integrated with Calendars/Reminders/Contacts?
Do you have a GMail / Exchange / IMAP account?

There is no BEST .. but different horses for different courses.

I use the Apple Mail client on iPhone and have also used Gmail, Cloudmagic and Outlook on iOS on iPad.

I've heard others recommend SPARK and AIRMAIL but haven't used them myself.
leemar1978Author Commented:
I've just brought Boxer Pro which ticks all boxes for me. Thanks for your replies.
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