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Current Situation (Proofreading)


3.1 Current Environment

Network Environment: Currently xxxx is experiencing very slow network performances. The computers are freezing in the middle of their work and all run very slowly.  The printers are working intermittently. The wireless router drops the signal of the connected devices causing an unreliable connection.

Company Computers: The majority of computers are infected with viruses and malware and they are running very slow freezing multiple time per day. Some computers are outdated, they are running with antivirus expired or even without antivirus at all.  Some computers can’t scan, or print. When they try to open a webpage the cursor sits and spin instead of opening the new webpage. One computer has profiles corruption and easy task like installing a printer or any software become a nightmare. Some computers are old and should be replaced.

Switch: The current switch in place has no sufficient Ethernet ports available to host new computers. There are no available ports to connect Ana’s computer and the new QuickBooks computer and eventually any other new additional computer that may be added in the future. Some computers/ devices are connected improperly to the router due to the lack of Ethernets ports on the switch. This configuration may cause network instability.

Internet Service Provider: Currently xxxx uses an obsolete modem connected to a wireless router.  The internet speed delivered by these two devices is 16Mbps. Employees are complaining about how slow surfing the internet is.  This current speed is not sufficient to feed simultaneously the 23 devices connected in the office.

QuickBooks: QuickBooks runs very slow and often locks the user out or doesn't allow them to print invoices properly. Currently QuickBooks software is installed in Jim’s Computer. Jim’s computer is setup as a QuickBooks server. Jim computer even after a thorough clean up keep acting unresponsively making daily task very hard to complete. Simple task like installing a printer are extremely hard in Jim’s computer. Application are not installing properly like Dropbox and random error messaged are appearing on Jim’s screen at startup.  This is a very precarious environment for an important software like QuickBooks to be run. Several times a week employees have to restart Jim’s computer to keep QuickBooks going. Employees are complaining that in the past few weeks QuickBooks is getting slower and slower and intermittently they can’t even print. Currently QuickBooks company files is backed up in a flash drive by the accounting team.

Company Files: xxxxx currently stores their company data on their local PCs with no a reliable backup. If the computer fail all the data will be lost.
The xxx team would like to have the capability to share information inside and outside of the organization as well as backing up their data to a reliable source.

Licenses and Network Documentation: The majority of the accounts and licenses have been created/purchased as home user account instead of a business account, As a result there is lack of license organization. There appears to be no possibility to add or to expand licenses under the home account. For every simple task, more time is spent asking for information than the actual time that it takes to fix the issue.
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you are the best!  its a pieces of my proposal. next will be my recommendation.

thank you John
You are very welcome and I am happy to help you with your business issues.
John I posted page two of my proposal. The subject says: recommendation. Do you have the time to revise it today please ?
Thank you..