Adding a default heading to each new Wordpress Post

Hi All

I am creating a knowledge base with about 100 posts and this has come along nicely.  However, when I click to create a new post  would like to add 3 lines of text by default at the top of each post as follows when they are being created.

1) 1st Line of text
2) 2nd Line of text
3) A pull down menu containing the name of the team the post 'owns'

I have searched through the custom posts plugins but most are either years out of date or over complicated for whats required.  Maybe I can add shortcode to put a pull down list into a post when creating it
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William NettmannPHP Web DeveloperCommented:
You are not clear where the three lines must be - when the post is created / edited, or when it is displayed?

To add three extra fields to the editor, you can either use an existing plugin like ACF or roll your own.

To display them, you would create a suitable template in your theme.
IM&T SRFTAuthor Commented:
Sorry, so I meant as I click the create a new post these 3 lines will display at the top of the post and the author can then continue to type below these.

I will take a look at ACF tonight

Thank you for your advice
William NettmannPHP Web DeveloperCommented:
So you want those three lines to be part of the post eventually?
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IM&T SRFTAuthor Commented:
Yes I want them to display automatically at the top of each new post
William NettmannPHP Web DeveloperCommented:
You could possibly do some clever stuff using the "content_edit_pre" filter.
IM&T SRFTAuthor Commented:
Thank you  William,

ACF seems a good plugin, not finished playing around with it yet.

I may go back to basics and simply categorise posts by department / alphabetically

Once again thank you for your assistance.  I will leave the clever suggestion for now until my knowledge and understanding has improved
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