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Trying to populate a summary worksheet in excel from another worksheet

I have a summary worksheet in excel I am trying to create, it is to be generated from a much more detailed server inventory worksheet. Within the inventory worksheet called 1-inventory I have a server name in column A, a Server Role in Column B, and a Severity level of the server in Column C. The severity level of the server in Column C sets the reboot schedule of those servers.  In Column G is labeled as Order, what this is, is a order as to which the server should be rebooted, this is per severity since these reboots happen on different days, 1 being the first server to reboot and the word Any meaning can be rebooted in any order.

On the Summary Page, I am looking to derive the following from the inventory page in this format:

Column A - (Low Priority) Server Name, Column B - (Low Priority) Reboot Order
Column C ( Medium Priority) Server name, Column D (Medium Priority) Reboot Order

I would also like the order of these servers shown on the summary page to be ordered by the reboot priority and only populate servers with the role with the word "Windows" in it, I am also ok to put 99 as a replacement for the word Any to keep the inventory column J as numerical for sorting purposes.

I have tried VLOOKUP and the closest I came was to return only 1 field, I am trying to populate the summary page as sort of an executive dash board and would need to fill all the cells in each column with the matching results. I am looking to do this for each severity role.

I tried to be as descriptive as possible and attached is a sample spreadsheet.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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