adding iphone to BES12 without DEP

Hello Experts.

I am wondering if it is possible to connect an iphone to BES 12 to send emails securly without setting up DEP. we have 2 users who wish to use there personal iphones as work phones aswell for there email. we do not have DEP set up in our environment. the users only need to be able to send emails securly, they do not require a seperate work space nor do they require any apps. Please let me know.
Newguy 123Asked:
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. You need to create policy in BES 12 for sure.

Specific IT policy for IOS
Specific Activation Type for IOS
New specific group for IOS

Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
As long as you have the BES 12 policies setup that you want for IOS just have them download the following app and provide them with their activation information.
Newguy 123Author Commented:
Hey Tim. thanks for responding. we already have policies that we apply to regular blackberrys. will those do? or do I have to create seperate policies for iOS? Please let me know.
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Newguy 123Author Commented:
will an APNs certificate be required for simply activating an iphone on BES?
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
I will share my policy tomorrow when I am back in the office, you just need to setup on the bes, the user will download the app and follow the registration instructions that can be sent from the bea
Newguy 123Author Commented:
thank you Tim. I appreciate that.
Jackie ManCommented:
Are the iOS devices company owned or BYOD? The IT Policy and Activation Type will vary and you might need to talk to your users first if it is BYOD.

The attached self-explanatory document are from the link above.

You need to create:-

1. Specific IT policy for IOS (Starts from Page 158 of the BES12 Administration Guide )
2. Specific Activation Type for IOS

3. New specific group for IOS

    Create a new user group which has iOS devices and assign the IT Policy in Step 1 to the new user group (Starts from Page 226 of the BES12 Administration Guide )
Newguy 123Author Commented:
the devices were purchased by the company, so business owned. thanks for the help. However, i am still a little confused about the APIs. do i need an API certificate from apple to activate an iphone?
Newguy 123Author Commented:
i meant APNs****
Jackie ManCommented:
According to Page 293 of the BES12 Administration Guide, it says:-

In the management console, on the menu bar, click Settings > External integration > Apple Push Notification. Verify that the APNs certificate status is "Installed." If the status is not correct, try to register the APNs certificate again.•
To test the connection between BES12 and the APNs server, click Test APNS certificate.•
If necessary, obtain a new signed CSR from BlackBerry, and request and register a new APNs certificate.
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
Follow Jackie's instructions on setting up the APN...

here is the link to get the certificate from Apple:

My Policy is very basic, you can utilize the same policy as you BES, just click the IOS tab and make your changes but I have attached them.

Under Activation you will want to validate that IOS has been marked off
Newguy 123Author Commented:
thank you so much everyone. i was able to successfully add iOS device to BES
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