Images Are Black on New Computer

I just built a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit operation system. The old computer was Windows 7 32 bit. I increased the amount of RAM, installed a new motherboard and a larger hard drive. Everything appeared to be OK until I opened my picture files. Some of the pictures are black while on the old computer they were OK. If I click on some of the black ones they will open and show the correct image but some will show a completely black image. This is the case with picture transferred using easy File transfer and with pictures that were copied and pasted from the old computer's hard drive. It also happens with pictures downloaded from a Smart Phone directly to this PC. I have a directory with the pictures from the old computers D drive on an external drive and they are OK if I open them on my laptop but if I connect the same device to the new computer I get the black images again.

I am attaching a picture of what I am talking about.

Please Help.

Thank you!

Robert Ehinger
Robert EhingerIT specialistAsked:
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John HurstConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Way back at the beginning: Take a picture file from the old computer to a different computer. How does it render

Are the images you have good images?

If so and if you still have issues, do a Windows 7 Repair Install with your Windows 7 DVD.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
my picture files. Some of the pictures are black while on the old computer they were OK  <-- Bad video driver. You need to get an updated Video Driver with BIOS and Chipset to match.

Verification: Take a picture file from the old computer to a different computer. How does it render?  Probably OK.
Right click on one of the .jpg files which are black.  Click Properties.  What is the number of KB or bytes shown as the Size?
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Besides making sure you have the proper drivers installed, I suggest using IrfanView to view images and Fotos. It is the best tool available for that:
or try viewing them in explorer - or paint, in order to test if they are also black there

btw - did you install all drivers for your mobo?
and did you do all the windows upgrades?
Are they still black if you choose to export any of them?
While irfan view is good, the VLC of image files. I find it annoying for daily use
It is the best thing to use on terminal servers where you don't want to support users over tiff images

Open your device manager and expand the video controllers
Is it a installs as a standard video adapter?
Do you have any other unknown devices?

What video card is in your computer?

These questions are easily answered if you open the properties, open the trails tab, Choose Hardware IDs.
Post the ven and dev strings here
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
I will be trying each suggestion in order until I find what works and then I will provide feedback. I have been out of town and not back at the PC in the past few days.
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
OK, here is where I am on this right now -

1) I updated the chipset drivers and video drivers
2) Updated the BIOS
3) Removed each stick of RAM individually to see if that was the issue
4) I was able to open the black images in Paint and if I saved them from Paint back to the original folder than the thumbnails were OK.
Sounds like you have a issue with the thumbnail databases now

You could try deleting the thumbcache files from
User profile\ appdata\ local \Microsoft \Windows\ explorer

And restart explorer

open a command window and execute

taskkill.exe /im:explorer.exe /f
Del %userprofile%\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\explorer\*.db
Robert EhingerIT specialistAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned in the beginning - I have the images from the old D drive on an external HDD and they open fine on my laptop.
If I open a picture in Paint and then click the "save" icon the picture saves and then the thumbnail is OK.
It would be because whatever was wrong before
After you fixed it the thumbnail cache is now polluted by the problem you had before

Did you clear the cache as described above?

If your having trouble doing it, the issue will right itself once the image cache expires and explorer regenerates them.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I have the images from the old D drive on an external HDD and they open fine on my laptop.

So then time to do a repair install to fix the operating system
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@RobertEhinger - Thanks and I was happy to help.
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