How can you use an elastic IP  to a vpc so that when shut down it doesnt lose its ip address?  Need a fixed ip that will remain constant eip.
I also have the EC2 instance in a VPC.
Eric DonaldsonAsked:
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Narender GakkaAWS / DevOps / Cloud ConsultantCommented:
there are 2 EC2 networks in AWS

1) EC2-Classic - If your EC2 instance is in EC2 Classic, the Elastic IP addresses will be released/disassociated from the instance once it is stopped

2) VPC - when the EC2 instance is launched in VPC, the elastic IP addresses will still be assigned to the network interface of that instance and it will be persistent upon the server restarts.

So if your requirement is to keep the IP address intact, you can
1) allocate a NEW Elastic IP address
2) Launch your Instance Inside a VPC, and assign the elastic IP address to the instance.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
two official, must-read docs about Elastic IP.

Elastic IP Addresses

Assign an Elastic IP Address to Your Instance
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