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Trouble signing in to Skype for Business

We are converting from Exchange and Office on-premise to Office 365.

We're in a pilot testing mode at the moment. We are having an issue with Skype for Business. It started showing up on our virtual desktops (VMware view NP desktops), but we've also seen it on regular computer desktops as well.

For the VDI, I went to my master and logged in as an administrator and then signed on to the Office 365 portal as an E1 user.  E1 is a license category that has no access to locally installed copies of Office, except for SfB. I downloaded and installed Skype.  Then I built a test pool of virtual desktops.  

If I log onto the desktop as a non-converted user (the same administrator I used for configuring the desktop), when SfB starts up I enter in the user name of a valid E1 user and I am prompted for his password and he gains full access to SfB. However, if I log in as an already converted user, SfB will make an attempt to automatically log in using the email address of the E1 or E3 user, and I am never prompted for password, and the login fails with an error about some DNS setting.  Obviously the DNS error message is not valid as if there was a true DNS issue, I'd see it on all users.

I've discovered this as well on my computer.  I am an E3 user who is allowed to have Office on my computer.  If I log on as me, I am automatically logged into SfB, it doesn't ask for my password and the login is successful. However, if I switch users and log on as another test E1 user, I get the same thing that happens with the VDI desktops.

I do not see any place within SfB that I can force it to prompt for credentials. We are currently a hybrid Exchange environment and have an ADFS server, ADConnect server and WAP server on premise.

I am assuming that there is some permissions setting or authentication setting somewhere in the environment that might address this without screwing up something else, but I can't find it. I have looked at this article: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Using-Office-365-modern-authentication-with-Office-clients-776c0036-66fd-41cb-8928-5495c0f9168a, but I'm not sure that's the answer.  

Any guidance is appreciated.
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