Can't access APC web portal

We have two APC units, each with their own IP address.  When I navigate to their IP address I get this message.
APC units model #: AP9631
AOS: v6.2.1
SUMX: v6.2.1
Any idea on how we can fix this?
Andrew DerseIT ManagerAsked:
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Obaid ur RehmanConnect With a Mentor Technical and Operations ManagerCommented:

Please check this FAQ on APC website.
Andrew DerseIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Do you know if I were to issue a reboot, would my servers go down as well during the reboot? Just trying to plan for a worse case scenario here.
Obaid ur RehmanTechnical and Operations ManagerCommented:
I didn't suggested a reboot to avoid server shutdown. A soft shutdown might or might not shutdown your server (not really sure), however, a hard reset will definitely shutdown everything connected to the UPS.

You can simulate a power failure using APC Link Protocol but I don't think it will help.

Are you able to ping the UPS?
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Andrew DerseIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks! A reboot did the trick.
Andrew DerseIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
In the KB it suggested doing a reboot via telnet...that did the trick.
Obaid ur RehmanTechnical and Operations ManagerCommented:
Glad it helped!
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