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lanier LD122 connection with PC fails

I have Lanier LD122  (Ricoh 2022) connect to my LAN.   It has been working fine for 10 years.  Suddenly I cannot scan any documents to my computer via the LAN.   It sees the work group.  I can communicate from my computer to the copier/scanner.  But I now get message "connection with PC has failed.  Check settings"   Incorrect password.  I have used all variations of passwords.   All other computers on the LAN communicate with each other without problems.   Ricoh "service" is useless and obstructive.    Windows 7.

What password could I use?
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I have Lanier LD122  (Ricoh 2022) connect to my LAN.   It has been working fine for 10 years  <-- Most likely (based on your description above) a hardware error. Can Ricoh not service it?  It is time for a new printer / scanner?
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Not interested in buying another $6000 copier.   What type of hardware error would you suspect?
That the scanner hardware or the circuitry running it has failed.
thank you again.  Interesting that I can remote "print."    It sees the LAN and all the computers on the LAN, but then fails to communicate.    It would seem that I would be seeing another error message if there was a major hardware failure.
I assume you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver(s).
Now I am back to the original error:  "cannot log on with entered password."  This is a software not hardware problem.    I just need some mysterious password.
Try the Lanier default passwords.
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have your tried
from another PC can you copy a file to \\pcname\sharename?
Works OK from 3 other computers!   \\computername\sharename.  Not exactly as you suggested.  But a good question.  Confirms the LAN is communicating.   But entering same from the Lanier scanner fails.  

I am using passwords for the computer.  I have used default passwords for the Lanier.  One tech told me to use 88888888.   All fail.    "Net View" sees all computers and the scanner.
and the scanner is connecting to \\pcname\sharename using account pcname\accountname and that users password.. is the account expired?
this is where I have been stuck for weeks.   Makes no sense.  The LAN is connected.   The scanner is recognized by the LAN.   I can print to the scanner.  All other computers communicate.   Missing a key password.     I have been using accountname not pcname\accountname.  

So my scanner remains useless.   the only change that I can fathom is a change in the IP address about 1 month ago from 192.1681.x   to 10.1.10.x     But the LAN recognizes the new address.   Prints to the copier etc.
the only change that I can fathom is a change in the IP address about 1 month ago

Reinstalling the driver should take this into account, but you could try deleting the printer port (In Printer Management). You must uninstall the printer first or you will not be able to delete the port. Delete the port, close out, restart, install the driver and make a new printer port for it.
Thank you.  I don't understand how this solves my problem.   If you follow my thread, I have no problem seeing the scanner.  No problem printing to this copier/scanner.  The problem is finding one password to connect the scanner to my computer.  It sees the LAN workgroup.  It has the correct IP address.  It is looking for a connecting password.
It was a thought we had coming out of changing the IP address in the network . The port connects devices to the network and that is why we suggested remaking it.
Please answer my comment re can you copy from another computer to the share on this computer?

If the answer is NO then you have to adjust the share permissions (username everyone read/write) AND the ntfs permission add the user everyone and give it read/write/modify/delete permissions
Try again until it succeeds from another computer

If yes can copy a file:

In a workgroup you need a username and password for the scanner to connect to. You could even use YOUR own account.. from a command prompt type whoami
you will get a result like

take that computername\username plug it into the scanner and use your password. Try scanning again.
I think I have already answered this question which is a generic LAN question not specific to the Lanier.

Yes, I can copy a file from another computer to my computer.  Recognizes my computer and the specific folder.   Copies fine.    It is not a LAN problem.  It is not a general sharing problem with my computer.  

These are specifics to the Lanier LD1223 itself.    So I repeat all of the above.    That is why I am looking for experts with knowledge of the Lanier or Ricoh machine technology. You can see the variety of answers I have received all the way to buy a new machine.  

Thank you so kindly.
@bodywise: I think you may disagree, but you can ping devices forever and that does not have anything to do with the printer device port. That can and should be remade (delete, then add) to at least determine if this helps or conclusively knock it out.
The printer port has nothing to do with this problem, it does not use the printer port or a driver for scanning to folder, it uses SMB filesharing, in effect it functions as a PC on the network, and logs in to a share with a windows username and passsword.
Unfortunately, the 2022 does not support the current standard level of windows filesharing password encryption, which has been applied via a windows update.
The answer is a firmware update, but the 2022 is too old (the firmware was last updated in 2006), and there is no available update for this problem.
You can use scan to FTP by installing an FTP server such as filezilla on a PC.
In some circumstances a user account with a blank password will work, but that is pretty insecure, and most windows installations will not allow it.
Thank you Wyliecoyoteuk,

beep beep ...

Thank you for the closest answer.  And what I have been requesting.  Someone with experience in the Lanier/Ricoh line.  

This is machine specific and not a LAN problem.  It is not a printer problem. It is a scanner connection problem.   You have it.  This is emulating another computer (poorly) on the LAN.

I fear you are correct  although I am not sure why this suddenly became a problem.   It was working fine until about 3 weeks ago then stopped.   This is, incidentally, why I have no regards for copier companies.  The only other change was 10.1.10.x from previous 192.168.1.x (which was working).  I am using Windows 7.  Maybe there was a secret update in the last few weeks.

I will give you the credit if I can make the FTP work around.   I already tried a blank password.  A savvy tech told me to use 88888888.
If you will follow to completion.  this was working fine until June 30.  I can see from my error logs that is when this stopped connecting.   Windows 7 without security update sp1.   So the above cannot be the full reason for this have failed.  Nothing else changed.

The ftp is going to be a nightmare to set up. I already tried and the server will not load.

There must be a few other settings in the scanner that I am missing or ... did the change from LAN settings 192.168.1.x to 10.1.10.x have an effect?    This is still a software problem.  Not firmware.  Not hardware.    I  tried no passwords.
Well something changed, and it wasn't on the copier.
I have seen this many times with Ricoh copiers, they use an old version of Samba.
FTP is the best workaround.
The reason a blank password works is because it can't be encrypted, (I found that worked on an xp pc) but 7s security default settings block blank passwords.
You could reduce the encryption level on the pc, but that is not a good idea either.

Are you using the computer name or ip address for the destination?
If using the name, is the dns server entry correct?
If any of your workgroup were updated on or around the 30th, that would affect the login security settings on all of the PCs.
I don't understand why an update to the workgroup would affect security.  

I have been using the computer name (that is seen on the LAN).  I will now use the IP address instead.   Again, I have no problems with any other computer on the LAN.  They can all access my computer.  Only the Lanier cannot.  

What would the DNS be?   The WAN DNS settings?  What would the local DNS settings be?  I set it to DHCP and the DNS settings automatically defaulted to the WAN (Comcast) DNS numbers.   Made no difference.

We seem to be beyond the issue of firmware.   It is not firmware.   It never was a printer driver.  I was advised to just buy a new copier.  We are closer to an answer.

I have a log of all connections that worked perfectly until about June 30.  Then started failing with these recent error messages.  
SMBC lib cannot get share list (mycomputername) ERR.  
SMBC lib cannot resolve server name  (server=) ERR.  
SMBC lib failed to user logon(server=mycomputername) ERR
nbtd name registration success  Broadcast name=myworkgroupName (ethernet)
nbtd name registration success  Broadcast name=LanierName (ethernet)

Then SWB (UP)
protocol                 TCP/IP
workgroup            (myworkgroupName)
computer name   (LanierName)
share name          Aficio2022
current path        \\LanierName\Aficio2022

thank you again ...
the network is set to private?
Have you tried turning off that machines firewall and doing a test?
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thank you again.   I was in no way impugning your expertise.  Logically, this made no sense that after so many changes over the last year or so it would simply stop working.   I have played with all variables.    There are so many password at all levels.

I hate passwords!!!    Apple has finally addressed this in a small way with a built in finger ID.

There is a password for the address book for each folder (I have 20 folders).  One to log into the scanner from explorer.   And some sort of mythical connection password.   There is an IPP password.   And a security password.

It works!!!!       I changed from DHCP back to a dedicated IP.  Then change the DNS to the default as you suggested.   One of these two changes worked.

I know you know your work.    But I also have at least 15 years of networking experience.   Not a firmware problem.    I cannot be sure about this updated security problem.  

Philip Miller
DNS is needed for name resolution as netbios was dumped a while back.
If the copier cannot contact a local DNS server it wouldn't be able to locate the destination computer.

As it sounds like you have a workgroup and not a domain, that may be why your security settings are lower.
Just be aware that any security updates in future are likely to stop it working again.
thank you for sticking with this.  What have re concluded.   I did clearly state above this is a workgroup, not a domain.

-It was not firmware problem
-Not  a printer problem
-Not a LAN problem
-Not a Windows Version problem.  Windows 7 is now "old."
-I did not need to purchase another $6000 copier.
-It was not related to an "old version" of Samba
-I needed someone who knows about these scanners, because the settings are bewildering and the company goes to great length to hide this information from its users.
-If it was working until just two months ago, there was no reason to assume that it should still not work.

It was a solvable problem!  

It may have been simply the DNS and DHCP change.   That might have been stated at the outset.

I did make a few other changes to the firewall as suggested from material deeply buried on the Ricoh troubleshooting site.   Inbound-rule policies for file and printer sharing for NB name-in, NB session-in and SMB-in.   "how to set up scan folder with SMB on Windows 7"

thank you again.
Almost certainly the DNS change was the reason.

I rarely see Workgroup networks, I usually work on larger domain based ones, and security updates on those frequently stop older Ricohs working, and the only fix is to update the firmware.
For some reason , it only seems to affect Ricohs.
I also work on Kyocera, Toshiba and Konica copiers, and they are untroubled by it.
They all use Linux, BSD or other Unix like operating systems, which is why Samba is involved..
OK.  Then there were too many assumptions. We should have started with:

What is the IP?
DHCP or static.
DNS settings.  
Workgroup or Domain.  

These would have been the logical first steps.   Most of the suggestions were either spurious or irrelevant.  

I have found over the years that networking problems is usually a simple fix amongst a dizzying array of "choices."      

thank you
The main incorrect assumption was that you would have understood that changing your network range would obviously mean needing to change your local DNS settings to match.

None of the others were really that important.
Local workgroups are very simple networks.
The router change set a new IP range, the copier was still set to use the old router as a DNS server, and this caused name resolution to fail.