Exchange 2010 - restore of contacts to a different mailbox

Hi guys

I know how to restore mailboxes to a folder of the same mailbox, so that the user can search for the emails required, but how do I restore the contacts of mailbox A in order to give it to user B ? I'm afraid of restoring the contacts of user A into the contacts of user B because I don't want to mess up the contacts of user B. How can I restore this data and give it to user B as an excel file or something similar ?

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ScobberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Export the contacts folder to a PST from account a. Import to account b

You can choose to consolidate details from same names or create duplicates

For extra protection export the contacts from account b to a separate PST to maintain a backup
ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Hi Scobber,

but how do I do that ? With PowerShell ?
ScobberConnect With a Mentor Commented: has all the required information for powershell
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ferraristaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Scobber.
No problem

You can also use the outlook client to import and export. All the export options can be found in the import menu under the file menu on outlook 2013/2016
ferraristaAuthor Commented:

I have a doubt though. Can I use the New-MailboxExportRequest command pointing to the mailbox located inside the recovery database ? Or is there some more steps in between ?

I only need to recover the contacts from the restored mailbox. At the moment I don't have another mailbox to export the data to, this is why I would prefer exporting directly into a PST.

Thanks again for your help.
ferraristaAuthor Commented:
PS: I would like to simply export the restored mailbox into a subfolder of the mailbox of the user who needs it (it's not the same user), but the problem is that the only needed data inside the restored mailbox is the contacts. So if I would do that, the restored contacts would mix-up with the other user's own contacts, right ?

So basically,,,is there a way to export those contacts directly to a pst without using yet another empty mailbox ? Or is there a way to restore the contacts into the user who needs it without mixing up with his own contacts ?

Hope I have explained myself.

Thanks for your patience.
ScobberConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You export contacts to a PST and import outlook is smart enough to workout the duplicates.

A mailbox export request when piped through powershell will export to the local file system

Outlook is far far easier to accomplish what you are after requires the users password though

Another option would be to share the contacts folder and use outlook to copy between

I have used all these methods to backup mailboxes (which includes contacts) before office on to off prem. And to do general support to users
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