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I'd like to use pstools to copy a .lnk file from a network share to a local folder on each workstation's desktop.

Having some difficulty with the syntax/understanding what exactly i'm trying to accomplish.

psexec -s \\hostname-pc COPY \\server\share\file.lnk ????C:/?  I'm not sure how to "phrase" the destination.  

Since the initial command of "psexec -s \\hostname-pc . . ." runs the command from THAT hostname-pc right?  So do I have to use a "shared" folder on the workstation to copy this file to?  Or since i'm running the command from that workstation can I use any filepath?  

I have a .lnk(shortcut) file that runs system restore and creates a manual restore point.  I'd like to push this file to my desktop users local machines so the shortcut could be run at anytime.  Well over 100 workstations to copy this file to so using psexec or something similar would be awesome.
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