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Word VBA code fails with 'Object has been deleted' error

I have created a Word macro that works fine when run manually, but when I run it at startup for a template in a Document_New sub it fails:
Private Sub Document_New()
Dim zipCity As String
zipCity = ActiveDocument.Variables("Kunde_adr1")
Dim lenVar As Integer
lenVar = Len(zipCity)
Dim city As String
city = Mid(zipCity, 9, lenVar)
ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("bimCity").Range.Text = city
End Sub

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The error is Run-time error '5825': Object has been deleted

Please help me fix this
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Fails on line 3 or 8?
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It fails on line 3, but under Advanced Properties I can see that "Kunde_adr1" is defined.
Sure, but might be the case that "ActiveDocument" refers to a document you don't expect OR that the variables are not loaded.

You can add

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above line 3, or implement some other delay to check.

Also, you can use
debug.print ActiveDocument.Name

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to see if you got the document you expect.  The output of debug.print will appear in the Immediate Window Ctrl + G to show / Hide
I have added the two lines, but I get the same error. ActiveDocument is the current document, the one I am creating. That has been confirmed by the debug.print statement.


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and if there is more than 0 you could try a small  loop to list them, something like:
For iCount = 1 to ActiveDocument.Variables.Count
debug.print ActiveDocument.Variables(iCount).Name
Next iCount

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(Not Tested)
Sorry for the delay. I have tried it now and count of variables is 0. So it probably has something to do with the order things are loaded. Can I execute something after everything is loaded?
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Thank you, it works now
Thank you for your help.
Good work, glad to help :-)