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Site comes up in IE but not chrome

We recently moved to a online web proxy, zscaler to be exact and one particular user who uses chrome will get a page not displayed when going to a site,say reddit for example but it comes up in internet explorer. I'm assuming chrome is having trouble reading the settings from IE. I had another user who had this problem and I deleted their chrome profile and recreated it but it still happens occasional for them but not as often.  Back to the user it does happen a lot Ive been instructed to replace their PC but if this does not solve the issue what sort of things should I look for to troubleshoot this?

OS is Windows 7 64 bit, Proxy.pac is group policy controlled so they cant undo it if they wanted to.
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Another thing to do is to check the proxy settings in Chrome to ensure they're set the way you need them to be configured for your environment.

Replacing the computer with the same model of computer has a low probability of resolving this issue.
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Verified it is there. Is there some documentation or any info regarding this where chrome doesn't work well with zscaler? I use it everyday and have no issues, but I'm the lucky one I suppose. We've had reports of users falling off of zscaler sometimes.. For example if you go to it lets you know you are authenticated through zscaler and some users dont show them as logged in so they end not being protected.
That sounds as if Group Policy isn't applying correctly.
Have you checked GPResult.exe to ensure GPOs are appropriately applied?
To use this for your environment, I would recommend



for an HTML output


for an XML output

If you want/need less detail, change the /Z switch to /V for simply verbose or /R for a simple summary.
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This is one of the things I looked at from the start. Ive moved people out of groups in AD where that policy is not applied to a OU where it isn't applied and verified IE is still branded so we have ruled out GP being an issue.
How are your users authenticating to the service? What mechanism is being used?
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Proxy pac inside of internet explorer. When they start to browse the internet it will ask them to login
How were the PAC files generated?  Hand-crafted for that smooth, refreshing experience? Defaults from ZS directly?  

Is the person with Chrome on a different subnet or do they have some super spiffy configuration on their machine that is different from everyone else?

For the people getting connected without authenticating to the service, are they being prompted for their credentials and they're not getting authenticated?
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1) it is generated by zscaler service

2) No they are on the same network as everyone else. Their configuration is no different than anyone else, no special requirements

3) No, they are not being prompted. They have no idea they are falling off actually until they hit a site that is blocked by our firewall. When we have them visit it will show them they are not logged into the system.

Your comment about "This is not exactly a new issue with Chrome not playing nicely with zscaler or Barracuda transparent proxies." Made me do some searching and I found some issues with this in the bug thread section of chrome. After reading a long history of this I was able to convenience management to get users to stop using chrome. As a result of this we are moving off of the proxy pac file and going to the VPN route with zscaler. So I will accept this as the best solution