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Freshly setup Server2012 DNS issues

When trying to add a computer to the newly minted domain I get a error message:

The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "xxxx".
An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed.

This is interesting because I already have 4 computers that have successfully been connected. I have configured DHCP to run on a router and was wondering if it probably should be running on the Server....
Thank you for any comments that can help. Running on a few hours of sleep over the last few days in trying to get this network back up...
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Are you able to ping to the Domain Controller?  Can you check if the DHCP provided the correct DNS entries to the computer.

Sometime, there may be some static DNS entry in the computer's netowrk settings.
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I can ping the DC's name and also it's IP which all reply ok from some computers, others however only returns an IPv6 address.
Can I just stop the routers DHCP server, and then start DHCP on the Server2012 DC with out an issue?
check on client system NIC card dns should be your domain controller IP Address and disabled IPV6 on the domain controller.


Change DNS server listen client request only through IPV4.

Refer below lilnk :
Please find the dsdiag log attached run on the Server. Not sure how to address the following error:
Starting test: SystemLog

         * The System Event log test
         A warning event occurred.  EventID: 0x00001695
            Time Generated: 08/23/2016   20:31:31
            Event String:
            Dynamic registration or deletion of one or more DNS records associated with DNS domain 'abc.local.' failed.  These records are used by other computers to locate this server as a domain controller (if the specified domain is an Active Directory domain) or as an LDAP server (if the specified domain is an application partition).
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The domain controller nic card dns server IP Address is and its DNS was changed it to Flushed/registered DNS and the dcdiag came back ok. (Thanks!).

Not sure how to make the 'A' record available and create reserve lookup zone though...
Thank you for your prompt response and solution Sushil!
I changed DNS server listen client request only through IPV4. flushed/registered DNS on the Server and flushed/registered DNS on the workstation. When I ping the Server is get a IPv6 reply but still can't connect to the domain. Any ideas?
can you share the screenshot if possible.
DNS is not registering new computers when trying to connect to domain. When I manually add a Host A record to dns they can connect. I'm running DHCP from a router and will add the role to the Server...

Please change dynamic update setting secure and non secure.

Refer below link for more info:
Ok, I'll check it out - thank you!