Sync onedrive folder without logging on to Server 2008

Customer has Server 2008r2 with Onedrive installed which syncs a local folder to Onedrive.
The problem is that it only syncs when the Server is logged on and the Onedrive program opens.
I've tried creating a Service to run Onedrive with a 3rd party tool but it's not reliable.

Does anyone know of a way to sync without logging onto the Server and not using a 3rd party program?  Onedrive for Business or Home are both options.
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MacleanConnect With a Mentor System EngineerCommented:
I cannot guarantee this works as I have not tested it, but out of curiosity I did a quick look around on the web and located an app named "AlwaysUp" which seems from reading the description & instructions like a potential solution to the issue. It appears to insinuate no login is required.
Ace-ITAuthor Commented:
I saw this one but would rather not use a 3rd party program at the moment. I should have mentioned the server's a bit flaky and I've basically told the customer I'm not going to set up their server to Autologon at startup without a strongly worded waiver.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
I see your point. As the "Service Account" is the users account, It does not log onto the desktop as I understand it, but runs an isolated session with the same credentials on the background, even if system is still at the CTRL+ALT+DEL state.

If the clients server is flaky I'd probably run a SFC /SCANNOW etc to try and stabilize it, or P2V it. Usually if you ask them the cost per hour of their server being down, it will validate the cost of a rebuild/migration.
Regardless, that is not your question, and I guess 10 people will have 10 different opinions on things :)

I would suggest calling Microsoft themselves. Seeing as they sell OneDrive for business, and recommend Server Core, I would assume that their 365 products are compatible with Server Core 2012 R2, and have some way of configuring it as a background task. I could not find evidence of my assumption, but would say that going to the lion's den would provide you with the fastest answer regarding whether it is possible yes/no.
Apologies that this does not help you much further on your path. Good luck!
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Ace-ITAuthor Commented:
I've emailed MS Onedrive support and will see what they say.  They won't shell out to buy a new server or P2v etc. and the company who installed it years ago did everything wrong, so any small change seems to break something.
AlwaysUp seems like a pretty viable option now.
MacleanSystem EngineerCommented:
That is what I am thinking yes (AlwaysUp) But I would possibly run it from a workstation or another server if their current one is flaky.
You can use Symbolic hardcoded links to make a shared drive appear as a local drive on a desktop, install OneDrive to it, and use AlwaysUp to run it in the background.
Ace-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick answer :)
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