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VMware Horizon View additional VCSA?


In short, I'm trying to add a vCenter server specifically for virtual desktops in my View environment in order to separate their operations from server operations. The workload kills our vCenter often.

To reiterate, I already have a vCenter called VCSA_1 for both servers and desktops. I'm trying to separate the two to offload the composer/vcenter operations from the server operations.

I need to add a new vCenter called VCSA_2 to my Horizon View desktop environment.

So far I have:
1) Created a new cluster on VCSA_1 called VDI_Cluster.
2) Added a ESX host
3) Created VCSA_2

I guess I can now add the new vCenter to the Horizon View Administrative console? Is it ok that the new VCSA isn't configured with a datacenter, cluster or ESX hosts, since View is using VCSA_1?

edit: VCSA 5.5 has no linked mode.

Thanks in advance.

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