Include a web page in a report

I would like to include a QR code on an inspection form I occasionally use that will easily enable a confirmation to be sent. Using the following code I can easily display the needed code on a web page but is there any easy way to save the image or otherwise include it in a report d=SMSTO:0412345678:This is my test message
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Well one way you could try is to add a Web Browser control to your form.  That control is available on your Design tab on the ribbon bar.  Unfortunately, this control is not available on a report; however, you can try making your form look like a report and just print your form.  


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Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks Ron, that's what I thought the answer would be but I was hoping there was a work-around. Appreciate your help
Well we have a workaround at my workplace but you're probably not going to like it.  We created an executable that receives arguments.  When we open a report, we pass the value for our QR code to our executable via a Shell command.  The executable than creates a jpeg image of the QR code and the OnFormat event of our report loads this jpeg into an image control in our report.

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Rob4077Author Commented:
That sounds like a workable option but I don't know how to create the executable. If you have info on how to do it that would be great.  Otherwise I will have to run with your original idea
You can create an executable using VB6 (if you have a copy of this since it's old) or .NET (whether C#, VB or whatever programming language you prefer).  The fact that you are not certain how to do this is an indicator that this may not be the way to go for you since the learning curve on .NET is pretty steep.  You can try look for some tutorials first and see if you even want to attempt this route.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for clarifying.  I intend learning. Net someday when time permits but at this stage I will stick with your original suggestion.  Thanks again
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