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Query to show when an object was last updated/modified

I am trying to show in my query when an object (form, query, report, table, etc) was last modified. I am using this query but the "DateUpdate" field doesn't seem accurate. There are forms that I modified yesterday but still show the date as 2014 when it was last modified. Is there another place where I can pull this info instead of using this query source? It doesn't seem to be accurate and I don't get why either.

SELECT MSysObjects.Type, MSysObjects.Name, MSysObjects.DateUpdate, MSysObjects.DateCreate, MSysObjects.Connect, MSysObjects.Database, MSysObjects.Owner
FROM MSysObjects
WHERE (((MSysObjects.Type)<>2 And (MSysObjects.Type)<>3 And (MSysObjects.Type)<>-32757) AND ((Left([Name],1))<>'~') AND ((Left([Name],4))<>'Msys'))
ORDER BY MSysObjects.DateUpdate DESC , MSysObjects.DateCreate DESC;

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