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Cisco USB Device Setup

I installed the driver from on my Win7 system. I connected via USB to my new ASA 5508. I then use PUTTY to try to communicate over the discovered COM5 serial connection. Fail. Am I missing something?
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In putty make sure you have it set as follows and check your connection tab. Make sure everything USB Serial cable is tight.

Com 5
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1
Parity None
Flow Control XON/OFF

Did you reboot after installing the driver?

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Yes - I rebooted after installing a few times actually. And I'm pretty certain I had the correct settings as I have been working with Cisco console connection for many a year. :-)
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@Michael - yes I've been using the their USB cable with the small end at the router. Any thought if a regular USB cable might work - using the larger USB connection on the firewall?
No. The older ASA's used those ports for moving files to and from the internal flash storage. On newer ASA's they actually use the USB port for an extension of the flash to storage data, even in an ongoing manner. I wouldn't recommend it though.

Thanks. Back to the classic USB adapter. I was hoping to step into the new age!
I'll keep an eye on this question. If we figure out what the pattern is to working vs. not working, we'll post it back here.