Viruses etc. and W8 and W10

I am running across quite a few PCs (W8 and 10) who's OS seem to be corrupt. On start the circle will just keep going around. I test the HDDs and their are ok. I have a W10 install disk and a W8 repair disk. Both are bootable and give me access to the restore options and start options,  none of which usually work. Given the behavior I suspect that have been infected with a virus program that is built to work on an older operating system but on W8 and 10 just messes up the OS.  I don't need help fixing the computers. I just have 2 questions.
1) If you are well versed in computer repair have you run across this type of problem and in your opinion are my thoughts about some viruses and their interaction with W8 and W10 correct.
2) Could you give a link for where I can burn a bootable DVD anti virus scanner that you use and recommend. Not to expensive or free would help.
Thanks People
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you said "who's OS seem to be corrupt" - but it's not sure if the cause is virus; could be anything: hardware problems, driver, software...BIOS settings
but no - i have not met this behavior on a "regular basis" and often the circle gets eventually (may take more than 5 minutes) into another screen--> repair options
i just had that with a system switched from AHCI to IDE in the bios
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Major AV vendors have bootable scanners. Symantec does, I think both McAfee and Kaspersky do as well.

I use top name paid AV which is generally better. Scan with one of these and then follow with a scan using Malwarebytes. That will catch most things.

Train your users. Most viruses are caused by people inviting the viruses in by going to dodgy websites and / or opening emails from strangers.
MontoyaConnect With a Mentor Process Improvement MgrCommented:
I have seen that and, in my case, it was virus related (a while back). As John said, use a paid version. You're simply going to get better results, plus you will be able to access actual customer service, if needed, as opposed to a user driven forum. Yes, I know that some forums are great, but paid AV is the way to go, in my opinion.

McAfee and Symantec are pretty similar, and both offer boot options.
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
> On start the circle will just keep going around.

if you were talking about the circle when booting up Windows, it means initial startup code has been loaded therefore I doubt the issue is related to virus infection in MBR.

is the computer able to boot into Windows Safe Mode? if yes, anything unusual once in the safe mode?

regarding bootable AV scanners, I notice is recommending 15 free bootable AV tools updated this month. have a look.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
How long have you left it 5 mins? 10mins? 30 mins?
vlogg5Author Commented:
Nobus, Thanks for the excellent link. Free and Kaspersky is great.
To all; I didn't really get a response to my first question.
To all; paid for doesn't necessarily mean better. In fact it has come to light that hackers have been able to use Norton as a backdoor to hack computers. It is also very intrusive and confusing to the average user which I spend a lot of time working with. McAfee is a huge resource hog. You should all check out the professional (companies that specifically reviews anti virus programs) reviews re: Panda's free version which one can download at CNET. I also love 360 Total security with its extra Bitdefender cloud analysis. Of course everybody has their own opinion and I expect your opinion is more knowledgeable than mine but I am just putting out there,
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
paid for doesn't necessarily mean better  <-- Most of the top drawer paid products are better. Also do not confuse Norton (Consumer) with Symantec (Enterprise Corporate): two different things.
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
1) If you are well versed in computer repair have you run across this type of problem and in your opinion are my thoughts about some viruses and their interaction with W8 and W10 correct

No. Windows 8 and then Windows 10 are more secure than predecessors. These systems, like Windows 7, if properly secured with top name Anti Virus are not particularly susceptible to viruses. We have very few viruses at our clients.
vlogg5Author Commented:
Thanks all. Nobus gave me the information I asked for with a specific link and his experience re. viruses' effect on W8 and 10 os files.
tx for the feedback
vlogg5Author Commented:
You are welcome.
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