Stocks - How do I research and choose a Spider stock, and how does it make money?

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I did a run at stock trading a few years ago, and I'm interested now in SPDR investing.
In stocks, it's EPS earnings per share.
I couldn't see how to evaluate a fund's earnings, exactly. Is it monthly, quarterly, or yearly periods? What is my earnings multiple?
How can I research decent funds to buy? How much to spend? I have nearly $100k
Is tech set to have a decent run? How is Google car coming along?
Was apple watch a flop? Its successor a good adjustment?
Jim Cramer ran a hedge fund. Is that similar to a SPDR?
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put "spider stock" in google. You will get lots of indepth information on your problem. The link to the "Motley Fool", is praticularly good.

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