GWIA class of service for other mail clients


we are running a Groupwise 2014 R2 SP1 Server. To restrict the mail traffic we are using class of service in the GWIA.
For example:
No external mail recipients are allowed except to

These is working fine if the user is using a Groupwise mail client.

We also use for example Thunderbird or other mail clients to connect to the Groupwise Server (via IMAP and SMTP).
Here I found out that the restriction in my example above is not working.

Are the class of service not working if you are using an mail client that is connected via IMAP and SMTP?

Best regards,
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
I've been around GroupWise since 1994 when it became a product and I've never heard of the GWIA class of service working on anything but the GW client and the WebAccess "client" because they are natively connected to the system.

However, are you using a specifically named Class of Service or the Default Class of Service?  I'd suggest a specifically named one that includes the people who will use POP3 and/or IMAP and make sure that the SMTP host that the IMAP/POP client uses is the GWIA.  

I'm not sure if you can make the GWIA COS settings apply and subsequently block or allow like you want though.

TREXmanAuthor Commented:
Hello Scott,

thanks for your answer.
Am I understand you right, that the GWIA class of service only works if you use a GroupWise client?

Yes, we are using 2 class of service settings: "Default Class of Service" and "Internal"
The " Default Class of Service" allows everything and here are all users member of it.
The " Internal" contains only a few users, which are only allowed to send to 3 external mail domains and they can't receive any external emails.

Oh, and for the None-GroupWise-client-user we are using the GWIA for IMAP and SMTP connections.
But the GWIA COS Internal won't work for them.

And I'm sure, that this worked with GroupWise 6.5 or 8
Was there a change in the functionality of GroupWise COS in the last versions?

I have another example how we are using the "Internal" COS.
All printer with Scan2Mail function are using such restricted GroupWise Users, so that they can't send their scans to external addresses.
This is also not working anymore.

Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:

Not sure if there has been any change in COS for GWIA.  Perhaps is your IMAP and POP enabled in the "Internal" COS?

The "Internal" COS will take precedence over the Default COS for those who are members of it.

Regarding your sentence about printers and Scan2Mail, do you have a GroupWise user account in the printer configuration or have individual users (who are GW users) listed to scan and email documents to themselves?  If so, that would explain why they cannot send scans to external addresses.


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