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Catching up with the latest advancements in Powerline/HomePlug technology

A few years ago I bought one of these...


It's done the job well, but now I need something a little faster and better range for another, bigger building.  The above kit came with two units obviously, the one on the router and the other near the clients.  But for this other building I will need two units that serve the clients, to cover the whole building.  Would I need to buy two pairs of devices, or can I buy a triple pack where there is one unit next to the router, serving both the other Wifi devices?

I'm not bothered about passthrough socket, but one thing that I must have is the ability to set up an unique SSID, not to use the same one as the router - i.e. the two powerline access points will have the same Wireless SSID/password, but they will be different to the SSID/password of the router.

With the above scenario where I'd have two of the 'access point' units, I'd need to change the Wifi password of this SSID periodically.  Would there be a quick way of changing them both simultaneuosly, i.e. without browsing to the IP of both units and changing the password separately?

Can you recommend one that will do what I need?

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Jackie ManCommented:
The one below should fit into your needs.

TP-LINK AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter 3-Pack Kit, Up to 500Mbps (TL-PA4010 TKIT) - 1-Port / (3-Kit)

Would there be a quick way of changing them both simultaneously, i.e. without browsing to the IP of both units and changing the password separately?


If I were you, I will buy routers or powerline adapter which supports management via apps.

tpPLC can manage powerline adapters.



Post back the brand and model of your router so that I could check whether there is an app to manage it.
meirionwylltAuthor Commented:
Hi Jackie, is there an equivalent model that is a faster, i.e. 1000Mbps or 1200Mbps?  There are times when there devices will have maybe up to 30 portable devices connecting simultaneously - generally doing syncing and background tasks rather video streaming or anything heavy like that.

Jackie ManCommented:
There are faster model but there is no 3-Pack Kit.
TP-LINK AV2000 Powerline Adapter Kit, 2-Port, Gigabit w/ Power Outlet Pass-through, up to 2000Mbps (TL-PA9020P KIT)

The bottom line is whether you need a Powerline device over 1000Mbps unless you are hosting a file server to store CAD files or large media files.
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meirionwylltAuthor Commented:
With the higher end ones, is there an option of buying an add-on device that connects up with the pair that you buy?  i.e. buying a twin-pack and then adding a single-pack on top?
Jackie ManCommented:
No. The purchase are on a pack of two unuts

Buy TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender, AV1200 Powerline Edition (TL-WPA8630 KIT)

Which has the following:-
1x Gigabit Port (TL-PA8010P) - Connect to your router
3x Gigabit Ports (TL-WPA8630) - Connect to both wired and wireless devices of users

If only wireless devices are in use, buy two packs for the above.

You can buy TL-PA8010P pack  but it does not come with WiFi and cannot only connect wired devices of users.


If one powerline point needs wireless, buy one of both packs above.
meirionwylltAuthor Commented:
I think this does what I was asking for in my original post, i.e. change passwords for both adapters in one place...


This also has a triple pack.
Jackie ManCommented:
I have looked through the your website, there is only  triple pack for dLAN 650+ and the max network speed is 600Mbps, not 1000Mbps or 1200Mbps.


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