"Eclipse for Android Devlopers" (Neon) problems

is what i got hold of. I created an empty project and i immediately have the problems shown below. Any ideas?
Error 1Error 2
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Chris HarteConnect With a Mentor ThaumaturgeCommented:
If you are trying to do this on an Atom, as per your other posting, it is not going to work. You need a lot of processing power to run eclipse, and you need a lot more to run studio. I have a 64bit i5 2500K overdriven to 5GHz with 8gb of memory and according to Process Explorer, AS sucks my system dry. And that is before I run the emulator.

Are you starting the projects from new or trying to import existing source? In windows, (not sure about linux), If you point to an existing directory there is a lot of information that both AS and Eclipse will read in from your user account that causes conflicts. I find new project, cut and paste, build that. Usually works. (Usually! Several times I have had the IDE read something it does not like from an existing source and I have had to start again).

Just because you run the program on a mobile device does not mean you can build it on a mobile device. Think of it in terms of client/server where your device is the client. You still need a server to make it work.
Chris HarteThaumaturgeCommented:
You have two errors.
The first, "unable to detect adb" is, so far as I can tell, and issue with the 32-bit linux release (which is the one in your question) and an incompatibility with the Platform tools. Explained in this link
Google code forum

From a google project manager
Just a heads up that the new emulator and future versions of the NDK will also require 64 bit Linux.

The second, "Android Resource Manager" is being generated by the first.

There is a work around in the above link to get 32-bit working but I have not tried it since I use 64-bit.
If you have a 64-bit machine then use the 64-bit version.
CEHJAuthor Commented:
What a mess ;) The last i heard is that 32 libs have to be installed on a 64 bit dev platform owing to the fact that Android runs largely on 32 bit ...
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Chris HarteThaumaturgeCommented:
I have used 64bit since I got a 64bit computer. I have it so may as well make use of it. Does not matter what you develop it on (he said) the .apk will work on the android version you compiled it for.

To be honest I always preferred eclipse to Android Studio but the development of ADT and Andmore for eclipse is starting to look very patchy. So I am converting to AS because that is what Google wants and who am I to resist.
CEHJAuthor Commented:
Well Chris, i'm not faring any better with A Studio either as you can see HERE
I wouldn't be surprised if there's some causal overlap.But i'll let you know how i get on with installing platform-tools_r23.0.1-linux
I'm a little confused why i can't just choose that in Manager and purge anything newer but for the moment i'll do a manual install

Update: after installing those platform tools i now get the errors below when trying to create a new project. tbh i find the plethora of dependencies completely confusing and have no idea what should 'go with' the above platform tools.

Unresizable error windowSomething to do with Resource Manager
Chris HarteThaumaturgeCommented:
This seems to have solved his query. You don't run eclipse on an underpowered device
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