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When I type from Form, nothing happens.
do you know why?
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAsked:
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crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessConnect With a Mentor Remote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
your form has both Table1 and Table2 as sources ... and relationship is not right.  The main field of the relationship should have a Unique index on it (which a Primary Key will have but not necessarily another field unless you add it). Be sure to check "Enforce Referential Integrity" when you create relationship.  Watch this short video:

Name fields uniquely. ID field name should be qualified with Table1ID, Table2ID -- or more specifically, CustomerID, ProductID, etc.  Each field in the database should have a unique name. It is ok (and, in my opinion, best) to name the field the same as a field in another table when it is a key field ... in other words, each field name should uniquely represent a particular data element.  Key fields represent the same data.

video Tip: Enforce Referential Integrity on Access Relationships (cc) closed-caption

Also, your form is based on TWO tables -- best to have a main form based on Table1 and a subform based on Table2 with LinkMasterField and LinkChildFields set for the subform control. I realize you are new to Access and I am probably using terminology you do not (yet!) know ... this in intentional ... find out what these new words mean

you may have to also Enable the Content -- best to set defaults to allow the location where you store databases.  Here is a video that can help with that:

Access Defaults ... take a tour ... (cc)

both videos have captions which you may have to click  'cc' in the lower right of the video viewing window to show
Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
What are you trying to do? Create a Form or write VBA code for a form?
crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, AccessConnect With a Mentor Remote Training and ProgrammingCommented:
perhaps you are trying to enter data? You did not give enough information so we are guessing ...

As a general rule, each form and subform should be based on just one table. Perhaps you have a form with more than one table in the record source and have created a recordset that is not updateable.
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Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
forgot to upload sample
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
my question is, when i set relationship, form gets lock.
do you know how to set relationship properly?
Hiroyuki TamuraField EngineerAuthor Commented:
thank you.
Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
Steps to re-assigning a primary key to a table:

1) Delete table relationships that share the current primary key (close open tables, if any)
2) Remove the existing primary key
2) Set the primary key using a field(s) you already have, in your screenshot, that'd be CIN.

Microsoft has a complete walk-through on how to modify each of these steps:
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