Can I swap ssd drive from Dell damaged laptop to replacement laptop?

Due to shipping damage to my Dell laptop, Dell sent me an exact replacement.  Can I simply pull out the SSD drive on the damaged unit and swap it out on the replacement unit since the SSD drive has my OS and all my files and registered applications on it?  There is nothing wrong with the SSD drive on the damaged unit since the damage was all external.  If it is possible, are there any potential issues that I might run into such as machine SID issues?  My OS is Windows 10 and it is connected to a domain in a small business and I am the admin.  Thank you for your help.
Nathan VanderwystAsked:
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They are the same model number?

Swap away worst case you might have to activate windows, but it should have a license in the BIOS anyway
Nathan VanderwystAuthor Commented:
yep, same model number and hardware configuration.  I'll give it a try and post my results.
Jackie ManCommented:
You need to disable secure boot at bios first.
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
i wonder if windows will activate -check that
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Yes, this js possible. In this case even the Windows activation can work ok.
The only gotcha might be Dell noticing that the S/N might mismatch from the shipped units vs the replacement and trying to charge you for it.
Just did this the other day, had no issues swapping ssd's  from old to new.
Craig BeckCommented:
Pull the drive and stick it in the new laptop.  It'll be fine as long as the hardware is the same.
Nathan VanderwystAuthor Commented:
I did not have to disabled secure boot.  All I had to do was swap them out since all the hardware was the same.   I did have to reactivate Windows since it detected some sort of hardware change.
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