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Windows 10 clean install on a new hard drive

BIOS recognizes my hard drive but when I run Windows 10 installation, custom install it doesn't see them. It tells me I need to load drivers. What drives does it want? I've never encountered this problem before.
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What kind of drive is it (IDE, SATA, hard drive, SSD) and what kind of computer (make, model).
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Are you installing from USB stick or from DVD? Make a DVD and install the os from it. No drivers will be needed.
Or make the USB stick GPT.
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It is a SATA Hard drive on a Dell T3600 Precision Workstation. The drive is plugged into HDD-0 on the motherboard. Could that be the issue?
Windows 10 has SATA drivers. Is the Dell new enough for SATA?
It was built in 2013
It could have come either way but it should be able use SATA and to install Windows 10. My ThinkPad with Windows 10 was built in 2013.

Is the drive too big?  Is BIOS set for UEFI?  Did you turn Secure Boot OFF to get started?
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John, the BIOS is set for UEFI. How do I turn off Secure Boot? Not seeing that in the BIOS. Noxcho, I made the USB GPT and now it opens up to a screen where I can either turn off my computer or troubleshoot. Neither of which works.
According to MASQ's post, the problem is a driver problem, no a secure boot problem. I was not overly familiar with this issue with the Dell computer.
So, I plugged the hard drive into SATA-0 and got it working. Guess I'll try to download the SAS drivers once I get the OS installed. What a wasted day! Thanks for the help everyone.