How to unWrapping text in massive cells in Excel


We various excel sheets that have all their cells "wrapped".  We need to unWrap all their cells; how can we do this?
(we know we can select and unwrap but wanted know if there is some sort of shortcut)
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Naresh PatelConnect With a Mentor TraderCommented:
Naresh PatelTraderCommented:
This is short cut
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
Yes, as stated in our question we know we can select and unwrap, as you have showned.  What we want to know if there is a shortcut like like if you want BOLD a cell you shortcut CRTL-B
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
it's a bit tricky but seems to work (guess have to get a hang of it) - sometimes it doenst
rayluvsAuthor Commented:
ok got it... its ALT-H, leave H then press W while holding down H
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