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Which is best for streaming of online video between Ultra HD 4K and 1080p/Full HD?

I tried a laptop yesterday in the store, and I intend to use this laptop only for streaming online video. This was the first laptop that worked on a specific video site (I've tried several others, but so far only this laptop has worked, and it worked excellent; it is a gaming laptop with 16 GB RAM and SSD etc.).

I am thinking of ordering this model with even higher specs than the model I tried had. But I am hesitating regarding whether to have a version with Ultra HD 4K (for super sharp videos) or 1080p/Full HD. It's not that important to get super sharp videos, much more important is no interruptions during playback, which is approximately 2-3 minutes for each video. The model I tried in the store had 1080p/Full HD, and there were almost no interruptions at all.

Furthermore, the model I tried in the store had Thunderbolt 3 (8x faster), and 15.6" Full HD screen (1920 x 1080). I'm not sure this higher specs model (17") has Thunderbolt 3; would that make streaming videos less effective with more interruptions if it lacks Thunderbolt 3?

I think the frame rate will be much lower for Ultra HD 4K compared to 1080p/Full HD. Wouldn't that make streaming of online videos going slower for Ultra HD 4K compared to 1080p/Full HD? This website with online videos (the videos can't be downloaded, they are constantly buffered from the website) has receveived numerous complaints about interruptions during playback of the videos (the playbacked video interrupts in the middle of the video, or several times during the playback, to buffer more contents), and for me this has also been the case: many interruptions during the playback on my current low-spec laptop (although with 8 GB RAM and i7) when the video is buffering. With this gaming laptop I just tried this did not occur, almost no buffering at all, very smooth playback of the whole video.

I found now also a third alternative with double amount of video RAM and FHD display (instead of Ultra HD 4K). Would this third alternative be even better?

When playing online video, which is most important of video RAM and processor performance? I read now that this third alternative has a processor that doesn't get up to full performance because of the high spec screen (although I could change it to FHD instead of Ultra HD 4K), so it might not help that the video RAM is double the size of the other two options I choose between.
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